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Vol. 34, No. 4 (October, 1982)
T. Kawazoe Fourier transform of Lp on real rank 1 semisimple Lie groups 561−579
S. Tokunaga and M. Yoshida Complex crystallographic groups, I 581−593
J. Kaneko, S. Tokunaga and M. Yoshida Complex crystallographic groups, II 595−605
I. Wakabayashi Nonexistence of bounded functions on the homology covering surface of P1−{3 points} 607−625
T. Nakazi Invariant subspaces of unitary operators 627−635
T. T. Moh On two fundamental theorems for the concept of approximate roots 637−652
M. S. Goto On isometry groups of a manifold without focal points 653−663
O. Kobayashi A differential equation arising from scalar curvature function 665−675
N. Okazawa On the perturbation of linear operators in Banach and Hilbert spaces 677−701
J. K. Deveney and J. N. Mordeson Transcendence bases for field extensions 703−707
T. Fujita Theorems of Bertini type for certain types of polarized manifolds 709−718
K. Sugano A characterization of Azumaya coalgebras over a commutative ring 719−726

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