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Vol. 35, No. 1 (January, 1983)
G. Takeuti von Neumann algebras and Boolean valued analysis 1−21
H. Sato Introduction of new coordinates to the Schottky space --- The general case 23−35
Y. Le Jan Quasi-continuous functions and Hunt processes 37−42
T. Matsuoka Equivariant function spaces and bifurcation points 43−52
R. Washiyama and T. Watabe On the degree of symmetry of a certain manifold 53−58
M. Hanazawa Countable metacompactness and tree topologies 59−70
M. Nakao On solutions to the initial-boundary value problem for (∂/∂t)u-Δβ (u)=f 71−83
N. Innami The axiom of n-planes and convexity in Riemannian manifolds 85−91
T. Kajiwara Group extension and Plancherel formulas 93−115
A. Kasue Ricci curvature, geodesics and some geometric properties of Riemannian manifolds with boundary 117−131
T. Hina and T. Sugano On the local Hecke series of some classical groups over p-adic fields 133−152
K. Furutani On the group of diffeomorphisms commuting with an elliptic operator 153−162
N. Toda On some asymptotic properties of systems of entire functions of smooth growth 163−178
T. Yoshida On G-functors, II --- Hecke operators and G-functors 179−190

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