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Vol. 35, No. 3 (July, 1983)
K. Takeuchi Arithmetic Fuchsian groups with signature (1; e) 381−407
Y. Se-ashi A characterization of the Hermitian quadrics 409−429
E. Yoshinaga Topological types of isolated singularities defined by weighted homogeneous polynomials 431−436
A. Ikeda On spherical space forms which are isospectral but not isometric 437−444
H. Matsuyama On complementary triples in finite groups 445−450
T. Terada Fonctions hypergéométriques F1 et fonctions automorphes, I 451−475
K. Uchiyama Fluctuations of Markovian systems in Kac's caricature of a Maxwellian gas 477−499
M. Takeuchi The mapping cone method and the Hattori-Villamayor-Zelinsky sequences 501−513
L. J. Santharoubane Infinite families of nilpotent Lie algebras 515−519
M. Tsutsumi Scattering of solutions of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations in three space dimensions 521−538
T. Nagai and M. Mimura Some nonlinear degenerate diffusion equations related to population dynamics 539−562
M. Hikari On simple groups which are homomorphic images of multiplicative subgroups of simple algebras of degree 2 563−569

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