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Vol. 35, No. 4 (October, 1983)
K. Gomi Sylow 2-intersections, 2-fusion, and 2-factorizations in finite groups of characteristic 2 type 571−588
S. Nagaoka On the ring of Hilbert modular forms over Z 589−608
M. Ozawa Boolean valued interpretation of Hilbert space theory 609−627
I. Mitoma On the sample continuity of S'-processes 629−636
Y. Maeda A remark on the values of the zeta functions associated with cusp forms 637−647
H. Yanagihara Some results on weakly normal ring extensions 649−661
H. Fujimoto Value distribution of the Gauss maps of complete minimal surfaces in Rm 663−681
T. Watabe Semisimple degree of symmetry and maps of degree one into a product of 2-spheres 683−692
Y. Ihara How many primes decompose completely in an infinite unramified Galois extension of a global field? 693−709
M. Murata High energy resolvent estimates, I --- First order operators 711−733

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