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Vol. 36, No. 1 (January, 1984)
M. Murata High energy resolvent estimates, II --- Higher order elliptic operators 1−10
T. Kobayashi Nonseparating incompressible tori in 3-manifolds 11−22
A. Gray Volumes of tubes about Kähler submanifolds expressed in terms of Chern classes 23−35
T. Suwa Residues of complex analytic foliation singularities 37−45
H. Miki and H. Sato Leopoldt's conjecture and Reiner's theorem 47−52
K. Uesu Cancellation law for Riemannian direct product 53−62
N. Ito and H. Kimura Studies on Hadamard matrices with "2-transitive" automorphism groups 63−73
T. Fujita On the structure of polarized manifolds with total deficiency one, III 75−89
H. Kazama and T. Umeno Complex abelian Lie groups with finite-dimensional cohomology groups 91−106
M. L. Fania Extension of modifications of ample divisors on fourfolds 107−120
S. Kawakami A remark of decompositions of the regular representations of semidirect product groups 121−130
N. Aoki and M. Dateyama The OE-property of group automorphisms 131−146
J. Sekiguchi Invariant vector fields on a simple Lie algebra under the adjoint action 147−159
M. Fukushima Basic properties of Brownian motion and a capacity on the Wiener space 161−176

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