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Vol. 36, No. 3 (July, 1984)
H. Tamura The asymptotic formulas for the number of bound states in the strong coupling limit 355−374
A. C. Asperti Minimal surfaces with constant normal curvature 375−386
T. Komatsu Pseudo-differential operators and Markov processes 387−418
T. Yamaguchi A pinching problem for symmetric spaces of rank one 419−431
A. Ros On spectral geometry of Kaehler submanifolds 433−448
H. Tahara Singular hyperbolic systems, V --- Asymptotic expansions for Fuchsian hyperbolic partial differential equations 449−473
Y. Mizuta On the behavior at infinity of logarithmic potentials 475−481
S. Kojima A construction of geometric structures on Seifert fibered spaces 483−495
R. Mizumachi On the asymptotic behavior of incompressible viscous fluid motions past bodies 497−522
M. Koiso On the stability of minimal surfaces in R3 523−541

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