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Vol. 37, No. 3 (July, 1985)
M. Dateyama and T. Kasuga Ergodic affine maps of locally compact groups 363−372
O. Kobayashi On a conformally invariant functional of the space of Riemannian metrics 373−389
M. Kanai Rough isometries, and combinatorial approximations of geometries of non-compact Riemannian manifolds 391−413
Pl. Muthuramalingam Scattering theory by Enss' method for operator valued matrices : Dirac operator in an electric field 415−432
K. Ohshika Exceptional manifolds for generalized Schoenflies theorem 433−436
A. Matsui and H. Sato Stiefel-Whitney homology classes and homotopy type of Euler spaces 437−453
T. Yamanoshita On the spaces of self-homotopy equivalences of certain CW complexes 455−470
Y. Ando On the elimination of Morin singularities 471−487
M. Komuro Lorenz attractors do not have the pseudo-orbit tracing property 489−514
S. Montiel Real hypersurfaces of a complex hyperbolic space 515−535
N. Shimomura The fixed point subvarieties of unipotent transformations on the flag varieties 537−556

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