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Vol. 37, No. 4 (October, 1985)
T. Hosoh and S. Ishimura Stable vector bundles of rank 2 on a 3-dimensional rational scroll 557−568
N. Yanagihara Meromorphic solutions of some nonlinear difference equations of higher order 569−603
Y. Matsumoto Torus fibrations over the 2-sphere with the simplest singular fibers 605−636
O. Takeyama Asymptotic properties of asymptotically homogeneous diffusion processes on a compact manifold 637−650
T. Morita Asymptotic behavior of one-dimensional random dynamical systems 651−663
K. Kenmotsu On minimal immersions of R2 into Pn(C) 665−682
K. Yano The support of global graph links 683−702
K. Yamamoto and M. Yamada Williamson Hadamard matrices and Gauss sums 703−717
K. Nishiyama Virtual character modules of semisimple Lie groups and representations of Weyl groups 719−740

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