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Vol. 38, No. 1 (January, 1986)
N. Hirano, K. Kido and W. Takahashi The existence of nonexpansive retractions in Banach spaces 1−7
K. Komiya Equivariant cobordism, vector fields, and the Euler characteristic 9−18
T. Fujita Zariski decomposition and canonical rings of elliptic threefolds 19−37
T. Suzuki Inverse problems for heat equations on compact intervals and on circles, I 39−65
T. Hiramatsu, N. Ishii and Y. Mimura On indefinite modular forms of weight one 67−83
S. Kamo Limits on P(ω)/finite 85−94
T. Fukuda and K. Komatsu On Zp-extensions of real quadratic fields 95−102
O. Hatori Functional calculus for certain Banach function algebras 103−112
T. Yasui Enumerating embeddings of homologically (k-1)-connected n-manifolds in Euclidean (2n-k)-space 113−126
T. Satoh Differential operators and congruences for Siegel modular forms of degree two 127−146
S. Tsuyumine Rings of automorphic forms which are not Cohen-Macaulay, I 147−162
T. Asai Some arithmetic on Dedekind sums 163−172

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