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Vol. 38, No. 3 (July, 1986)
H. Matsuyama Some results on ordered fields 361−380
H. Okamoto Nonstationary free boundary problem for perfect fluid with surface tension 381−401
J. Hakeda and K. Saitô Additivity of Jordan *-maps between operator algebras 403−408
M. Hanazawa and M. Takano On intuitionistic many-valued logics 409−419
T. Jech A theorem on Pκ(λ) 421−425
F. Oort and T. Sekiguchi The canonical lifting of an ordinary Jacobian variety need not be a Jacobian variety 427−437
N. Toda On the growth of meromorphic solutions of some higher order differential equations 439−451
S. Udagawa Spectral geometry of Kaehler submanifolds of a complex projective space 453−472
A. Kasue Gap theorems for minimal submanifolds of Euclidean space 473−492
S. Kamo On the slender property of certain Boolean algebras 493−500
A. Tsuboi Countable models and unions of theories 501−508
Y. Mizuta On removability of sets for holomorphic and harmonic functions 509−513
S. Simons Cyclical coincidences of multivalued maps 515−525
H. Aikawa On the Martin boundary of Lipschitz strips 527−541
Y. Kasahara and S. Watanabe Limit theorems for point processes and their functionals 543−574

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