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Vol. 38, No. 4 (October, 1986)
K. Kikuchi The existence and uniqueness of nonstationary ideal incompressible flow in exterior domains in R3 575−598
K. Yamamura On infinite unramified Galois extensions of algebraic number fields with many primes decomposing almost completely 599−605
T. Nakazi Kernels of Toeplitz operators 607−616
T. Umeda Smooth perturbations in ordered Banach spaces and similarity for the linear transport operators 617−625
K. Azukawa Two intrinsic pseudo-metrics with pseudoconvex indicatrices and starlike circular domains 627−647
K. Shiota On the explicit models of Shimura's elliptic curves 649−659
F. Uchida Real analytic actions of complex symplectic groups and other classical Lie groups on spheres 661−677
K. Sato Behavior of modes of a class of processes with independent increments 679−695
T. Ito and C. Nara Quasi-arithmetic means of continuous functions 697−720
H. Ono and N. Kadota Provably recursive functions in fragments of Peano arithmetic 721−737
T. Kajiwara Traces on group extensions and C*-crossed products 739−754

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