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Vol. 39, No. 2 (April, 1987)
M. Ikehata On the inverse scattering problem for the acoustic equation 171−189
K. Aomoto Gauss-Manin connection of integral of difference products 191−208
K. Nishioka A stochastic solution of a high order parabolic equation 209−231
K. Mikami Local Lie algebra structure and momentum mapping 233−246
T. Ishihara The Euler characteristics and Weyl's curvature invariants of submanifolds in spheres 247−256
K. Maruyama Construction of Hopf G-spaces 257−267
F. Momose Rational points on the modular curves X0+(N) 269−286
K. Sakai On topologies of triangulated infinite-dimensional manifolds 287−300
M. Takeuchi \sqrt{Morita} theory --- Formal ring laws and monoidal equivalences of categories of bimodules 301−336
M. Hayashi The maximal ideal space of the bounded analytic functions on a Riemann surface 337−344
B. H. Gross Heegner points and the modular curve of prime level 345−362

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