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Vol. 40, No. 4 (October, 1988)
M. Fujiwara, T. Hamachi and M. Osikawa Flow equivalence of translations on compact metric abelian groups 555−560
M. Tomisaki Asymptotic behavior of elementary solutions of transient generalized diffusion equations 561−581
Y. Mizuta On the boundary limits of Green potentials of functions 583−594
T. Sasaki A graph for Kleinian groups 595−603
K. Kawamura On some properties on span 605−613
M. Raïs Champs de vecteurs invariants sur une algèbre de Lie réductive complexe [Invariant vector fields on a complex reductive Lie algebra] 615−628
T. Watabe Maximal toral action on aspherical manifolds Γ\ G/K and G/H 629−645
H. Ito On a problem of Yamamoto concerning biquadratic Gauss sums, II 647−660
C. J. K. Batty and M. Kusuda Weak expectations in C*-dynamical systems 661−669
T. Tokuyama A generating function of strict Gelfand patterns and some formulas on characters of general linear groups 671−685
K. Konno Homogeneous hypersurfaces in Kähler C-spaces with b2=1 687−703
A. Weinstein Coisotropic calculus and Poisson groupoids 705−727

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