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Vol. 41, No. 3 (July, 1989)
K. Hiraide Expansive homeomorphisms with the pseudo-orbit tracing property of n-tori 357−389
M. Namba On finite Galois coverings of projective manifolds 391−403
M. Wada Closed orbits of nonsingular Morse-Smale flows on S3 405−413
Y. Takeda Artin-Schreier coverings of algebraic surfaces 415−435
S. Sugitani Some properties for the measure-valued branching diffusion processes 437−462
M. Wakayama A formula for the logarithmic derivative of Selberg's zeta function 463−471
T. Miyake On Qab-rationality of Eisenstein series of weight 3/2 473−492
R. Masuoka On the stability of Riemannian manifolds 493−501
U. Christian Untersuchung Selbergscher Zetafunktionen 503−537
T. Kurose Two results in the affine hypersurface theory 539−548

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