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Vol. 41, No. 4 (October, 1989)
H. Tamura Resolvent estimates at low frequencies and limiting amplitude principle for acoustic propagators 549−575
A. Masuoka Co-Galois theory for field extensions 577−592
O. Saeki Simply connected 4-manifolds of second Betti number 1 bounded by homology lens spaces 593−606
K. Nomizu and U. Pinkall On the geometry of projective immersions 607−623
N. Kenmochi and M. Kubo Periodic behavior of solutions to parabolic-elliptic free boundary problems 625−640
M. Sakaki Estimates on the stability of minimal surfaces and harmonic maps 641−650
K. Oguiso On Jacobian fibrations on the Kummer surfaces of the product of nonisogenous elliptic curves 651−680
H. Tanemura Ergodicity for an infinite particle system in Rd of jump type with hard core interaction 681−697
Y. Abe On toroidal groups 699−708
S. Mima On the Milnor number of a generic hyperplane section 709−724

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