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Vol. 42, No. 1 (January, 1990)
K. Yamamoto Reflective elastic waves at the boundary as a propagation of singularities phenomenon 1−11
M. Masuda An invariant of manifold pairs and its applications 13−29
T. Yoshida On the unit groups of Burnside rings 31−64
T. Miyamoto A generalization of Axiom A 65−72
A. Miyachi Hardy-Sobolev spaces and maximal functions 73−90
Y. Okumura On the global real analytic coordinates for Teichmüller spaces 91−101
K. Eda, S. Kamo and T. Nogura Spaces which contain a copy of the rationals 103−112
K. Kozuka On a p-adic interpolating power series of the generalized Euler numbers 113−125
N. Motohashi A decision method for a set of first order classical formulas and its applications to decision problems for nonclassical propositional logics 127−132
T. Muramatu Besov spaces and analytic semigroups of linear operators 133−146
A. Tachikawa Harmonic mappings from Rm into an Hadamard manifold 147−153
A. I. Zayed Generalized Faber expansions of hyperfunctions on analytic curves 155−170
Y. Ishikawa A remark on the existence of a diffusion process with non-local boundary conditions 171−184

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