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Vol. 42, No. 4 (October, 1990)
F. Dillen, L. Verstraelen and L. Vrancken Classification of totally real 3-dimensional submanifolds of S6(1) with K ≥ 1/16 565−584
N. Obata Construction of irreducible unitary representations of amalgams of discrete abelian groups 585−603
M. Takeuchi The q-bracket product and quantum enveloping algebras of classical types 605−629
H. Kato The nonexistence of expansive homeomorphisms of Suslinian continua 631−637
K. Iriye Manifolds which have two projective space bundle structures from the homotopical point of view 639−658
S. Ogata Signature defects and eta invariants of Picard modular cusp singularities 659−675
H. Matsumoto The short time asymptotics of the traces of the heat kernels for the magnetic Schrödinger operators 677−689
M. Kawashita and H. Soga Mode-conversion of the scattering kernel for the elastic wave equation 691−712
M. Okada Delta-unknotting operation and the second coefficient of the Conway polynomial 713−717
I. Shimada On the cylinder homomorphisms of Fano complete intersections 719−738

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