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Vol. 43, No. 3 (July, 1991)
O. Kobayashi and T. Gomikawa Complete metrics of negative Ricci curvature 433−435
J. Komeda On primitive Schubert indices of genus g and weight g-1 437−445
H. Ito Dedekind sums and quadratic residue symbols of imaginary quadratic fields 447−456
M. Kusuda Extremal almost periodic states on C*-algebras 457−464
S. Goto, K. Nishida and Y. Shimoda The Gorensteinness of symbolic Rees algebras for space curves 465−481
H. Nakayama On cutting pseudo-foliations along incompressible surfaces 483−499
T. Gramchev, P. Popivanov and M. Yoshino Some note on Gevrey hypoellipticity and solvability on torus 501−514
A. Inoue The Alder-Wainwright effect for stationary processes with reflection positivity 515−526
Y. Suyama Differentiable sphere theorem by curvature pinching 527−553
K. Kiyohara Compact Liouville surfaces 555−591
T. Hoshiro On hypoellipticity for a certain operator with double characteristic 593−603
T. Horiuchi On the relative $p$-capacity 605−617
T. Itoh A decomposition theorem in a Banach *-algebra related to completely bounded maps on C*-algebras 619−630

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