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Vol. 43, No. 4 (October, 1991)
K. Takase On special values of Selberg type zeta functions on SU(1, q+1) 631−659
D. M. Davis and M. Mahowald Three contributions to the homotopy theory of the exceptional Lie groups G2 and F4 661−671
T. Shioda Construction of elliptic curves with high rank via the invariants of the Weyl groups 673−719
K. Izuchi Interpolating sequences in the maximal ideal space of H\infty 721−731
S. Kato Symmetric solutions of the equation for the scalar curvature under conformal deformation of a Riemannian metric 733−750
T. Miyajima, A. Nakayashiki and K. Takasaki Structure and duality of D-modules related to KP hierarchy 751−773
T. Shimura Decomposition of nondecreasing slowly varying functions and the domain of attraction of Gaussian distributions 775−793
R. Weiss A geometric characterization of the groups M12, He and Ru 795−814

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