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Vol. 44, No. 1 (January, 1992)
Y. Mizuta Growth properties of p-th hyperplane means of Green potentials in a half space 1−12
K. Matsumoto and J. Tomiyama Non-commutative lens spaces 13−41
T. Gocho and H. Nakajima Einstein-Hermitian connections on hyper-Kähler quotients 43−51
E. Yoshida On the order of growth of the Kloosterman zeta function 53−73
S. Kondō Automorphisms of algebraic K3 surfaces which act trivially on Picard groups 75−98
Y. Giga and S. Goto Motion of hypersurfaces and geometric equations 99−111
M. Takeda The maximum Markovian selfadjoint extensions of generalized Schrödinger operators 113−130
H. Tanigawa Rigidity and boundary behavior of holomorphic mappings 131−143
M. Kobayashi On Noether's inequality for threefolds 145−156

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