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Vol. 45, No. 3 (July, 1993)
K. Kurano An approach to the characteristic free Dutta multiplicity 369−390
K. Taira On a class of hypoelliptic differential operators with double characteristics 391−419
N. Obata An analytic characterization of symbols of operators on white noise functionals 421−445
J. Kaczorowski and A. Perelli On the distribution of primes in short intervals 447−458
M. Igarashi, K. Kiyohara and K. Sugahara Noncompact Liouville surfaces 459−479
H. Fujimoto Unicity theorems for the Gauss maps of complete minimal surfaces 481−487
T. Yamanoshita On the space of self homotopy equivalences of the projective plane 489−494
A. Kono and K. Kozima The adjoint action of a Lie group on the space of loops 495−510
T. Mandai Characteristic Cauchy problems for some non-Fuchsian partial differential operators 511−545
T. Gouma Isomorphism of meromorphic function fields on Riemann surfaces 547−555
M. C. Beltrametti and A. J. Sommese A remark on the Kawamata rationality theorem 557−568
N. Ishimura Limit shape of the cross section of shrinking doughnuts 569−582

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