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Vol. 48, No. 1 (January, 1996)
T. Fujita On Kodaira energy of polarized log varieties 1−12
M. Asada On the filtration of topological and pro-l mapping class groups of punctured Riemann surfaces 13−36
T. Aiki Periodic stability of solutions to some degenerate parabolic equations with dynamic boundary conditions 37−59
H. S. Luk and Stephen S.-T. Yau Invariant Kohn-Rossi cohomology and obstruction to embedding of compact real (2n-1)-dimensional CR manifolds in CN 61−68
C. Bär The Dirac operator on space forms of positive curvature 69−83
K. Matsumoto Boundary distance functions and q-convexity of pseudoconvex domains of general order in Kähler manifolds 85−107
S. Egashira Expansion growth of smooth codimension-one foliations 109−123
P. Walczak Hausdorff dimension of Markov invariant sets 125−133
C. Gérard, H. Isozaki and E. Skibsted N-body resolvent estimates 135−160
A. Gyoja A theorem of Chevalley type for prehomogeneous vector spaces 161−167
K. Matsumoto and T. Kurokawa On the capacity of singularity sets admitting no exceptionally ramified meromorphic functions 169−185
R. Parthasarathy On the quantization of a coherent family of representations at roots of unity 187−194

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