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Vol. 48, No. 2 (April, 1996)
N. Yagita Complex bordism of the dihedral group 195−204
T. Adachi Circles on quaternionic space forms 205−227
T. Matsumoto and S. Watanabe Extreme points and linear isometries of the domain of a closed *-derivation in C(K) 229−254
A. D'Agnolo, C. Marastoni and G. Zampieri Nonsmooth Lagrangian sets and estimations of micro-support 255−258
M. Takeuchi The group ring of GLn(q) and the q-Schur algebra 259−274
M. Nakai Brelot spaces of Schrödinger equations 275−298
H. Aikawa Sets of determination for harmonic functions in an NTA domain 299−315
K. Tsukiyama An example of self-homotopy equivalences 317−319
T. Kawakami Nash G manifold structures of compact or compactifiable C\infty G manifolds 321−331
M. Ue A remark on the exotic free actions in dimension 4 333−350
H. Usui Mordell-Weil lattices of type D5 and del Pezzo surfaces of degree four 351−365
H. Miki Jacobi sums and the Hilbert symbol for a power of two 367−408

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