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Vol. 48, No. 4 (October, 1996)
N. Sumi Topological Anosov maps of infra-nil-manifolds 607−648
K. Niino ans K. Tohge Some functional equations and Picard constants of algebroid surfaces 649−665
K. Morimoto, M. Sakuma and Y. Yokota Identifying tunnel number one knots 667−688
H. Ichimura On a normal integral bases problem over cyclotomic Zp-extensions 689−703
Y. Shitanda Spaces of the same clone type 705−714
A. Sakuramoto Factors generated by direct sums of II1 factors 715−728
H. Tahara Uniqueness of the solution of non-linear singular partial differential equations 729−744
J. Berndt and L. Vanhecke Geometry of weakly symmetric spaces 745−760
S. Tanno L2 harmonic forms and stability of minimal hypersurfaces 761−768
B. Herrera, M. Llabrés and A. Reventós Transverse structure of Lie foliations 769−795
S. Kaliman and L. Makar-Limanov On morphisms into contractible surfaces of Kodaira logarithmic dimension 1 797−810

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