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Vol. 49, No. 1 (January, 1997)
H. Kumura On the essential spectrum of the Laplacian on complete manifolds 1−14
H. Tanaka and M. Kudoh On relativized probabilistic polynomial time algorithms 15−30
D. Simson Prinjective modules, propartite modules, representations of bocses and lattices over orders 31−68
H. Hamanaka Involution and anti involution on Hopf spaces 69−80
H. S. Hashiguchi The uniton numbers of the harmonic 2-spheres in Gr2(C4) 81−105
K. Miyazaki and A. Yasuhara Generalized #-unknotting operations 107−123
S. Kamo Ineffability and partition property on Pκλ 125−143
M. Yoshida On the number of apparent singularities of the Riemann-Hilbert problem on Riemann surface 145−159
H. Enomoto and S. Matsunaga Graph decompositions without isolated vertices, II 161−180
K. Eda, M. Kada and Y. Yuasa The tightness about sequential fans and combinatorial properties 181−187

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