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Vol. 49, No. 4 (October, 1997)
S. Nakamura On the classification of the third reduction with a spectral value condition 633−646
J. Inoue Semi-invariant vectors associated to decompositions of monomial representations of exponential Lie groups 647−661
Y. Nakazawa and M. Oka Smooth plane curves with one place at infinity 663−687
H. Sumida Greenberg's conjecture and the Iwasawa polynomial 689−711
M. A. Morón and F. R. Ruiz del Portal Spaces of discrete shape and c-refinable maps that induce shape equivalences 713−721
D. Ma Carathéodory extremal maps of ellipsoids 723−739
J.-Y. Wu Topological regularity theorems for Alexandrov spaces 741−757
M. Lanza de Cristoforis A functional decomposition theorem for the conformal representation 759−780
K. Tojo Normal homogeneous spaces admitting totally geodesic hypersurfaces 781−815
K. Watanabe Remarques sur l'ensemble de zéro d'une solution d'une équation parabolique en dimension d'espace 1 817−832

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