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Vol. 50, No. 3 (July, 1998)
E. Artal Bartolo and J. Carmona Ruber Zariski pairs, fundamental groups and Alexander polynomials 521−543
T. Nagasawa and K. Ueno Initial-final value problems for ordinary differential equations and applications to equivariant harmonic maps 545−555
H. Naitoh Grassmann geometries on compact symmetric spaces of general type 557−592
S. Kaneyuki The Sylvester's law of inertia in simple graded Lie algebras 593−614
M. Chen On pluricanonical maps for threefolds of general type 615−621
G. Hu, S. Lu and D. Yang On a class of multilinear oscillatory singular integral operators 623−637
Y. Hasegawa On the C\infty-Goursat problem for some second order equations with variable coefficients 639−662
S. Jimbo and J. Zhai Ginzburg-Landau equation with magnetic effect : non-simply-connected domains 663−684
T. Gouma Ahlfors functions on non-planar Riemann surfaces whose double are hyperelliptic 685−695
O. Iyama A generalization of rejection lemma of Drozd-Kirichenko 697−718
L. U. Uko A generalized truncation method for multivalued parabolic problems 719−735
C. K. Anand A closed form for unitons 737−751
H. Fujiwara Analyse harmonique pour certaines représentations induites d'un groupe de Lie nilpotent. 753−766
N. Gouda The theorem of E. Hopf under uniform magnetic fields 767−779
J. J. Betancor and L. Rodríguez-Mesa On the Besov-Hankel spaces 781−788

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