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Vol. 51, No. 1 (January, 1999)
A. Gyoja, K.Nishiyama and H. Shimura Invariants for representations of Weyl groups and two-sided cells 1−34
H. Tsuchihashi Galois covering singularities, I 35−44
K. Ishiguro, J. Møller and D. Notbohm Rational self-equivalences of spaces in the genus of a product of quaternionic projective spaces 45−61
A. Némethi On the Seifert form at infinity associated with polynomial maps 63−70
M. Mimura and H. Ōshima Self homotopy groups of Hopf spaces with at most three cells 71−92
Y. Hirai On Eisenstein series on quaternion unitary groups of degree 2 93−128
A. Gyoja and H. Yamashita Associated variety, Kostant-Sekiguchi correspondence, and locally free U(n)-action on Harish-Chandra modules 129−149
M.-G. Leu Character sums and the series L(1,\chi) with applications to real quadratic fields 151−166
T. Satō Boundary behavior of positive solutions of Δu = Pu on a Riemann surface 167−179
W. Dan and Y. Shibata On the Lq - Lr estimates of the Stokes semigroup in a two dimensional exterior domain 181−207
Q.-M. Cheng, S. Ishikawa and K. Shiohama Conformally flat 3-manifolds with constant scalar curvature 209−226
K. Fukui and H. Imanishi On commutators of foliation preserving homeomorphisms 227−236
F. Chamizo Correlated sums of r(n) 237−252

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