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Vol. 54, No. 1 (January, 2002)
N. Okazawa and T. Yokota Perturbation theory for m-accretive operators and generalized complex Ginzburg-Landau equations 1−19
T. Ohwada and K.-S. Saito Factorization in analytic crossed products 21−33
T. Kajiwara and Y. Watatani Hilbert C*-bimodules and continuous Cuntz-Krieger algebras 35−59
S. Yamagami Polygonal presentations of semisimple tensor categories 61−88
T. Ōkaji Strong unique continuation property for time harmonic Maxwell equations 89−122
S. Kamo Partition properties on Pκλ 123−133
H. Matui Finite order automorphisms and dimension groups of Cantor minimal systems 135−160
M. Ishikawa The bifurcation set of a complex polynomial function of two variables and the Newton polygons of singularities at infinity 161−196
J. Pan and M. H. Woo Phantom maps and injectivty forgetful maps 197−214
H. Sekiguchi The Penrose transform for Sp(n, R) and singular unitary representations 215−253

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