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Vol. 54, No. 4 (October, 2002)
B.-Y. Chen Classification of flat slant surfaces in complex Euclidean plane 719−
R. Suzuki Existence and nonexistence of global solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations 747−
S.-Y. Pan Local theta correspondence of depth zero representations and theta dichotomy 793−
A. Bonome, R. Castro, E. García-Río, L. Hervella and R. Vázquez-Lorenzo Pseudo-Riemannian manifolds with simple Jacobi operators 847−
W. Krieger and K. Matsumoto Shannon graphs, subshifts and lambda-graph systems 877−
H. Yamane Fourier integral representation of harmonic functions in terms of a current 901−
Y.-m. Yang On a p-local stable splitting of stiefel manifolds 911−
G. A. Barsegian, I. Laine and C.-c. Yang On a method of estimating derivatives in complex differential equations 923−
Y. Kabeya Behavior of least-energy solutions to Matukuma type epuations 937−
J.-L. Liu A linear operator and strongly starlike functions 975−
S. Stević On harmonic hardy and bergman spaces 983−
Q.-M. Cheng, S. Ishikawa and K. Shiohama Erratum to : "Conformally flat 3-manifolds with constant scalar curvature" 997−

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