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Vol. 55, No. 1 (January, 2003)
T. Masuda Notes on group actions on subfactors 1−11
S. Druck and S. Firmo Periodic leaves for diffeomorphisms preserving codimension one foliations 13−37
S. Matsumoto On the global rigidity of split Anosov Rn-actions 39−46
A. W. Apter On the level by level equivalence between strong compactness and strongness 47−58
S. Taniguchi Exponential decay of stochastic oscillatory integrals on classical Wiener spaces 59−79
Y. Ichihara On Riesz mean for the coefficients of twisted Rankin-Selberg L-functions 81−100
J. Brendle Evasion and prediction, III --- Constant prediction and dominating reals 101−115
T. Morifuji On Meyer's function of hyperelliptic mapping class groups 117−129
T. Sano On commuting canonical endomorphisms of subfactors 131−142
P. Ionescu and C. Voica Models of rarionally connected manifolds 143−164
K. Koike On the family of pentagonal curves of genus 6 and associated modular forms on the ball 165−196
M. Uchiyama Criteria for monotonicity of operator means 197−207
Y. Ding and C.-C. Lin Lp boundedness of some rough operators with different weights 209−230
M. Tanaka Characterization of a differentiable point of the distance function to the cut locus 231−241
H. Ono Minimal Lagrangian submanifold in adjoint orbits and upper bounds on the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian 243−254
M. Chō and T. Huruya Mosaic and trace formulae of log-hyponormal operators 255−268
T. Suwa Residues of Chern classes 269−287

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