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Vol. 55, No. 4 (October, 2003)
K.Kajitani and G.Taglialatela Microlocal smoothing effect for Schrödinger equations in Gevrey spaces 855−896
Y.Yamagishi On the local convergence of Newton's method to a multiple root 897−908
J.Chung, S.-Y.Chung and D.Kim Every Stieltjes moment problem has a solution in Gel'fand-Shilov spaces 909−913
S.Montiel Complete non-compact spacelike hypersurfaces of constant mean curvature in de Sitter spaces 915−938
T.Shibuya and A.Yasuhara Classification of links up to self pass-move 939−946
K.Abe and K.Fukui On the structure of the group of Lipschitz homeomorphisms and its subgroups, II 947−956
W.Ichinose Convergence of the Feynman path integral in the weighted Sobolev spaces and the representation of correlation functions 957−983
M.Kaneko and H.Ochiai On coefficients of Yablonskii-Vorob'ev polynomials 985−993
A.Yamauchi A certain Galois action on nearly holomorphic modular forms with respect to a unitary group in three variables 995−1031
H.Minami On framed cobordism classes of classical Lie groups 1033−1052
T.Kobayashi and T.Yoshida Extendible and stably extendible vector bundles over real projective spaces 1053−1059
T.Watanabe Fundamental Hermite constants of linear algebraic groups 1061−1080
K.Ikegami and O.Saeki Cobordism group of Morse functions on surfaces 1081−1094
H.Tahara Solvability of partial differential equations of nonlinear totally characteristic type with resonances 1095−1113
Y.-C.Li and S.-Y.Shaw Perturbation of non-exponentially-bounded α-times integrated C-semigroups 1115−1136

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