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Vol. 56, No. 1 (January, 2004)
Y. Mizuta and T. Shimomura Minimally fine limits at infinity for p-precise functions 1−15
T. Inaba and H. Nakayama Invariant fiber measures of angular flows and the Ruelle invariant 17−29
Y. Abe and P. Zappa Universal functions on Stein manifolds 31−43
J. H. Hong and W. Szymański The primitive ideal space of the C*-algebras of infinite graphs 45−64
G. Harutjunjan and B.-W. Schulze Reduction of orders in boundary value problems without the transmission property 65−85
K. Igari Removable singularities of holomorphic solutions of linear partial differential equations 87−113
S. Takamura Towards the classification of atoms of degenerations, I−Splitting criteria via configurations of singular fibers 115−145
X.-M. Li and H.-X. Yi Meromorphic functions sharing three values 147−167
L. Liao and C.-C.Yang Julia sets of two permutable entire functions 169−176
R. Okayasu Entropy of subshifts and the Macaev norm 177−191
K. Yamaguchi Mod p truncated configuration spaces 193−199
N. Ando The behavior of the principal distributions on a real-analytic surface 201−214
M. Miyanishi and D.-Q. Zhang Equivariant classification of Gorenstein open log del Pezzo surfaces with finite group actions 215−245
S. Murakami, T. Naito and N. V. Minh Massera's theorem for almost periodic solutions of functional differential equations 247−268
I. Reiten and A. Skowroński Generalized double tilted algebras 269−288
K. Yanagawa Derived category of squarefree modules and local cohomology with monomial ideal support 289−308
M. Boyle and A. Maass Erratum to “Expansive invertible onesided cellular automata” 309−310

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