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Vol. 56, No. 2 (April, 2004)
U. C.Ji and N. Obata A role of Bargmann-Segal spaces in characterization and expansion of operators on Fock space 311−338
S. Stević On harmonic Hardy spaces and area integrals 339−348
J. Tomiyama Hulls and kernels from topological dynamical systems and their applications to homeomorphism C*-algebras 349−364
R. Ikehata, Y. Miyaoka and T. Nakatake Decay esitimates of solutions for dissipative wave equations in RN with lower power nonlinearities 365−373
K. Gunji On the graded ring of Siegel modular forms of degree 2, level 3 375−403
K. Kajitani and A. Satoh On extension of solutions of Kirchhoff equations 405−416
S. J. Bhatt, A .Inoue and K.-D. Kürsten Well-behaved unbounded operator representations and unbounded C*-seminorms 417−445
A. Wachi Capelli type identities on certain scalar generalized Verma modules, II 447−473
Q.-M. Cheng Spherical rigidities of submanifolds in Euclidean spaces 475−487
M. G. Charalambous, V. A. Chatyrko and Y. Hattori The behavior of dimension functions on unions of closed subsets 489−501
T. Kitano, T. Morifuji and M. Takasawa L2-torsion invariants of a surface bundle over S1 503−518
H. Matsumoto and Y. Ogura Markov or non-Markov property of cMX processes 519−540
J. Pedersen and K. Sato Relations between cone-parameter Lévy processes and convolution semigroups 541−559
Y. Katabami and M.Nagisa Some subsemigroups of extensions of C*-algebras 561−569
P. Souplet and S. Tayachi Optimal condition for non-simultaneous blow-up in a reaction-diffusion system 571−584
T. Narazaki Lp-Lq estimates for damped wave equations and their applications to semi-linear problem 585−626
T. Shoda A construction of a family of full compact minimal surfaces in 4-dimensional flat tori 627−633
T. Nakamura A classification of Q-curves with complex multiplication 635−648

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