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Vol. 57, No. 1 (January, 2005)
N. Ando A conjecture in relation to Loewner's conjecture 1−20
T. Izawa and K. Nakajima Residues of Chern-Maslov classes 21−36
C. Eyral and M. Oka On the fundamental groups of the complements of plane singular sextics 37−54
Y. Mashiko, K. Nagano and K. Otsuka The asymptotic cones of manifolds of roughly non-negative radial curvature 55−68
V. Balan and J. Dorfmeister Weierstrass-type representation for harmonic maps into general symmetric spaces via loop groups 69−94
K. Tsuboi The finite group action and the equivariant determinant of elliptic operators 95−113
S. Wakatsuki The Igusa local zeta function of the simple prehomogeneous vector space (GL(1)4×SL(2n+1), Λ2Λ1Λ1Λ1) 115−126
K. Watanabe Zero sets of solutions of second order parabolic equations with two spatial variables 127−136
S. Kitagawa On Mordell-Weil lattices of bielliptic fibrations on rational surfaces 137−155
S. Gindikin and T. Matsuki A remark on Schubert cells and the duality of orbits on flag manifolds 157−165
M. Efendiev and A.Yagi Continuous dependence on a parameter of exponential attractors for chemotaxis-growth system 167−181
Y. Ding and Q.Xue Weak type (1,1) bounds for a class of the Littlewood-Paley operators 183−194
C. Kai and T. Nomura A characterization of symmetric cones through pseudoinverse maps 195−215
Y. Hashimoto Special values of the spectral zeta functions for locally symmetric Riemannian manifolds 217−232
Y. Aihara and S.Mori Deficiencies of meromorphic mappings for hypersurfaces 233−258
R. Schmidt Iwahori-spherical representations of GSp(4) and Siegel modular forms of degree 2 with square-free level 259−293
A. Nilsson Fourier multipliers on non-Riemannian symmetric spaces 295−308

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