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Vol. 57, No. 3 (July, 2005)
S. Matsumoto Correlation functions of the shifted Schur measure 619−637
A.Matsuo 3-transposition groups of symplectic type and vertex operator algebras 639−649
T.Hayakawa Divisorial contractions to 3-dimensional terminal singularities with discrepancy one 651−668
T.Hosokawa and K.Izuchi Essential norms of differences of composition operators on H 669−690
M.A.Ragusa and A.Tachikawa On continuity of minimizers for certain quadratic growth functionals 691−700
T.Zamfirescu The strange aspect of most compacta 701−708
Y.Abe A statement of Weierstrass on meromorphic functions which admit an algebraic addition theorem 709−723
T.Asuke On quasiconformal deformations of transversely holomorphic foliations 725−734
Y.Xie Convergence of stochastic integrals with respect to Hilbert-valued semimartingales 735−751
G.Hector, S.Matsumoto and G.Meigniez Ends of leaves of Lie foliations 753−779
S.Stević On harmonic function spaces 781−801
K.Uchino Lagrangian calculus on Dirac manifolds 803−825
K.Horie Triviality in ideal class groups of Iwasawa-theoretical abelian number fields 827−857
G.Zwara Orbit closures for representations of Dynkin quivers are regular in codimension two 859−880
O.Saeki, K.Suzuoka Generic smooth maps with sphere fibers 881−902
T.Aiki A model of 3D shape memory alloy materials 903−933

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