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Vol. 58, No. 2 (April, 2006)
D.Kishimoto Topological proof of Bott periodicity and characterization of BR 299−309
M.Inoue Odd primary Steenrod algebra, additive formal group laws, and modular invariants 311−332
R.Díaz A generalization of Andreev's Theorem 333−349
H.Koo, K.Nam and H.Yi Weighted harmonic Bergman kernel on half-spaces 351−362
T.Itoh and M.Nagisa Numerical radius Haagerup norm and square factorization through Hilbert spaces 363−377
H. Sunagawa Large time behavior of solutions to the Klein-Gordon equation with nonlinear dissipative terms 379−400
M.Arkowitz, H.Ōshima and J.Strom Homotopy classes of self-maps and induced homomorphisms of homotopy groups 401−418
A.Hattori Orbifold elliptic genera and rigidity 419−452
K.Uchikoshi Irregularities of microhyperbolic operators 453−484
M.T.Barlow, R.F.Bass, and T.Kumagai Stability of parabolic Harnack inequalities on metric measure spaces 485−519
K.Kitaura and Y.Mizuta Spherical means and Riesz decomposition for superbiharmonic functions 521−533
K.Ichikawa and T.Noda Stability of foliations with complex leaves on locally conformal Kähler manifolds 535−543
Q.-M.Cheng and H.C.Yang Inequalities for eigenvalues of Laplacian on domains and compact complex hypersurfaces in complex projective spaces 545−561
Y.Kitaoka Distribution of units of a cubic abelian field modulo prime numbers 563−584
M.Ishizaka One parameter families of Riemann surfaces and presentations of elements of mapping class group by Dehn twists 585−594
R.Bahloul Polynôme de Bernstein-Sato générique local 595−616

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