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Vol. 58, No. 3 (July, 2006)
J.Saal Maximal regularity for the Stokes system on noncylindrical space-time domains 617−641
A.Kodama and S.Shimizu A group-theoretic characterization of the space obtained by omitting the coordinate hyperplanes from the complex Euclidean space, II 643−663
R.Kloosterman Classification of all Jacobian elliptic fibrations on certain K3 surfaces 665−680
T.Ito On an integral representation of special values of the zeta function at odd integers 681−691
K.Chinen and L.Murata On a distribution property of the residual order of a (mod p) ---III 693−720
T.Yamamoto Classification of singular fibres of stable maps of 4-manifolds into 3-manifolds and its applications 721−742
T.Hishida Lq estimates of weak solutions to the stationary Stokes equations around a rotating body 743−767
T.Suzuki Lou's fixed point theorem in a space of continuous mappings 769−774
Ei.Bannai and Etsu.Bannai On Euclidean tight 4-designs 775−804
K.Nishihara Global asymptotics for the damped wave equation with absorption in higher dimensional space 805−836
D.Fujiwara and N.Kumano-go The second term of the semi-classical asymptotic expansion for Feynman path integrals with integrand of polynomial growth 837−867
M.Katou New affine minimal ruled hypersurfaces 869−883
H.Ichimura and H.Sumida-Takahashi Stickelberger ideals of conductor p and their application 885−902
Q.-M. Cheng and S. Shu A Möbius characterization of submanifolds 903−925

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