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Vol. 59, No. 3 (July, 2007)
M.Asaoka Invariants of two-dimensional projectively Anosov diffeomorphisms and their applications 603−648
W.Ichinose A mathematical theory of the Feynman path integral for the generalized Pauli equations 649−668
T.Kobayashi A generalized Cartan decomposition for the double coset space (U(n_1)×U(n_2)×U(n_3)) ¥ U(n) / (U(p)×U(q)) 669−691
T.Miezaki, H.Nozaki and J.Shigezumi On the zeros of Eisenstein series for Γ0*(2) and Γ0*(3) 693−706
J.H.Choi, Y.C.Kim and T.Sugawa A general approach to the Fekete-Szegö problem 707−727
A.Stoimenow 5-moves and Montesinos links 729−749
R.Yamamoto Open books supporting overtwisted contact structures and the Stallings twist 751−761
H.Fujita, Y.Sakai and D.Simson Minor degenerations of the full matrix algebra over a field 763−795
A.Arvanitoyeorgos, F.Defever and G.Kaimakamis Hypersurfaces of Es4 with proper mean curvature vector 797−809
K.Horie Primary components of the ideal class group of an Iwasawa-theoretical abelian number field 811−824
N.Innami Compression theorems for surfaces and their applications 825−835
T.Kubo The Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations in an aperture domain 837−859
K. Ishige and Y. Kabeya Decay rates of the derivatives of the solutions of the heat equations in the exterior domain of a ball 861−898
T.Izawa Residues for non-transversality of a holomorphic map to a codimension one holomorphic foliation 899−910
B.Audoubert, T.C.Nguyen and M.Oka Erratum to "On Alexander polynomial of torus curves" 911−912

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