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Vol. 59, No. 4 (October, 2007)
M.Ohta Companion forms and the structure of p-adic Hecke algebras II 913−951
S.Koike and M.Shiota Non-smooth points set of fibres of a semialgebraic mapping 953−969
M.Iizuka, M.Maeno and M.Tomisaki Conditional distributions which do not satisfy the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation 971−983
N.Ozawa Weakly exact von Neumann algebras 985−991
T.Yamanouchi Normality for an inclusion of ergodic discrete measured equivalence relations in the von Neumann algebraic framework 993−1009
S.S.Bahoura Inégalités de Harnack et phénomène de concentration 1011−1030
J.-H.Jo On vanishing of L2-Betti numbers for groups 1031−1044
M.Shioya Stationary reflection and the club filter 1045−1065
H.Watanabe Twisted homology and cohomology groups associated to the Wirtinger integral 1067−1080
J.Inoue and J.Ludwig C-vectors of irreducible representations of exponential solvable Lie groups 1081−1103
A.Dehghan-Nezhad and A.El Kacimi Alaoui Équations cohomologiques de flots riemanniens et de diffĂ©omorphismes d'Anosov 1105−1134
N.Boumuki Isotropy subalgebras of elliptic orbits in semisimple Lie algebras, and the canonical representatives of pseudo-Hermitian symmetric elliptic orbits 1135−1177
Y.Nitta Reduction of generalized Calabi-Yau structures 1179−1198
S.Akiyama and M.Shirasaka Recursively renewable words and coding of irrational rotations 1199−1234
K.Yamaguchi Erratum to "The homotopy of spaces of maps between real projective spaces" 1235−1237

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