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Vol. 60, No. 2 (April, 2008)
Y.Yonezawa The Turing degrees for some computation model with the real parameter 311−324
D.Chen and Q.-M.Cheng Extrinsic estimates for eigenvalues of the Laplace operator 325−339
A.Lanteri and C.Novelli Varieties of small degree with respect to codimension and ample vector bundles 341−361
S.Dragomir Minimality in CR geometry and the CR Yamabe problem on CR manifolds with boundary 363−396
C.Rousseau Déformations de réseaux dans certains groupes résolubles 397−421
G.Xie and H.Marubayashi A classification of graded extensions in a skew Laurent polynomial ring 423−443
G.Fichou Blow-Nash types of simple singularities 445−470
A.Atsuji A second main theorem of Nevanlinna theory for meromorphic functions on complete Kähler manifolds 471−493
S.Kuroda A generalization of the Shestakov-Umirbaev inequality 495−510
F.Bagarello, M.Fragoulopoulou, A.Inoue and C.Trapani Structure of locally convex quasi C*-algebras 511−549
S.Kawakubo Kirchhoff elastic rods in three-dimensional space forms 551−582
Y.Mizuta and T.Shimomura Sobolev embeddings for Riesz potentials of functions in Morrey spaces of variable exponent 583−602
H.Tahara and H.Yamane Logarithmic singularities of solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations 603−630

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