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Vol. 61, No. 1 (January, 2009)
K.Schumacher The stationary Navier-Stokes equations in weighted Bessel-potential spaces 1−38
N.Kita; A.Shimomura Large time behavior of solutions to Schrödinger equations with a dissipative nonlinearity for arbitrarily large initial data 39−64
V.Bonnaillie-Noël; F.Nier; Y.Patel Far from equilibrium steady states of 1D-Schrödinger-Poisson systems with quantum wells II 65−106
R.Goto Poisson structures and generalized Kähler submanifolds 107−132
A.Favini; A.Lorenzi; H.Tanabe Degenerate integrodifferential equations of parabolic type with Robin boundary conditions: L2-theory 133−176
S.Nakamura Semiclassical singularities propagation property for Schrödinger equations 177−211
B.-R.Choe On higher dimensional Luecking's theorem 213−224
H.Koo; K.Nam; H.Yi Norm estimation of the harmonic Bergman projection on half-spaces 225−235
P.C.Allaart On a flexible class of continuous functions with uniform local structure 237−262
K.Yamamuro The Lévy-Itô decomposition of sample paths of Lévy processes with values in the space of probability measures 263−289
T.Matala-aho On q-analoques of divergent and exponential series 291−313
S.Maeda; T.Adachi; Y.H.Kim A characterization of the homogeneous minimal ruled real hypersurface in a complex hyperbolic space 315−325

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