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Vol. 61, No. 4 (October, 2009)
Y.Naito; Y.Shibata On the Lp analytic semigroup associated with the linear thermoelastic plate equations in the half-space 971−1011
M.-C.Kang; J.-P.Zhang; J.-Y. Shi; Y.Yu; S.S.-T.Yau Some primitive linear groups of prime degree 1013−1070
J.Sekiguchi On the classification of weighted homogeneous Saito free divisors 1071−1095
I.Ivanšić; L.R.Rubin Extension dimension of a wide class of spaces 1097−1110
G.Xie; H.Marubayashi A classification of graded extensions in a skew Laurent polynomial ring, II 1111−1130
A.Degtyarev Irreducible plane sextics with large fundamental groups 1131−1169
Y.Nitta Convexity properties of generalized moment maps 1171−1204
T.Matsuoka The generalized Lefschetz number of homeomorphisms on punctured disks 1205−1241
N.Honda On a construction of the twistor spaces of Joyce metrics, II 1243−1260
K.Ohshika Constructing geometrically infinite groups on boundaries of deformation spaces 1261−1291
D.Basile; J.van Mill; G.-J.Ridderbos κ-Ohio completeness 1293−1301

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