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Vol. 62, No. 2 (April, 2010)
Y.Komori; K.Matsumoto; H.Tsumura On Witten multiple zeta-functions associated with semisimple Lie algebras II 355−394
M.Inaba Moduli of stable objects in a triangulated category 395−429
K.Taira Degenerate elliptic boundary value problems with asymmetric nonlinearity 431−465
K.Konno Chain-connected component decomposition of curves on surfaces 467−486
N.Nakayama Intersection sheaves over normal schemes 487−595
Q.Wang; C.Xia Inequalities for eigenvalues of the biharmonic operator with weight on Riemannian manifolds 597−622
M.Morimoto Nontrivial P(G)-matched S-related pairs for finite gap Oliver groups 623−647
C.Kraaikamp; T.A.Schmidt; I.Smeets Natural extensions for α-Rosen continued fractions 649−671
Q.-M.Cheng; T.Ichikawa; S.Mametsuka Estimates for eigenvalues of a clamped plate problem on Riemannian manifolds 673−686

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