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Vol. 63, No. 4 (October, 2011)
T.Aoki; N.Honda Geometric properties of the Riemann surfaces associated with the Noumi-Yamada systems with a large parameter 1085−1119
P.Malicki; A.Skowroński On the indecomposable modules in almost cyclic coherent Auslander-Reiten components 1121−1154
Z.Guo; J.Fang; L.Lin Hypersurfaces with isotropic Blaschke tensor 1155−1186
M.Schütt Quintic surfaces with maximum and other Picard numbers 1187−1201
T.Moriyama Generalized Whittaker functions on GSp(2,R) associated with indefinite quadratic forms 1203−1262
H.Kitayama An explicit dimension formula for Siegel cusp forms with respect to the non-split symplectic groups 1263−1310
H.T.Ito; O.Yamada Relativistic Hamiltonians with dilation analytic potentials diverging at infinity 1311−1357
Ei.Bannai; Etsu.Bannai Tight 9-designs on two concentric spheres 1359−1376
H.Ono A necessary condition for Chow semistability of polarized toric manifolds 1377−1389
Y.Kida; S.Yamagata Commensurators of surface braid groups 1391−1435

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