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Vol. 64, No. 1 (January, 2012)
T.Adachi Essential Killing helices of order less than five on a non-flat complex space form 1−21
T.Takagi The cuspidal class number formula for the modular curves X1(2p) 23−85
T.Takagi Erratum to "The cuspidal class number formula for the modular curves X1(2p)" 87−89
T.Sumi The gap hypothesis for finite groups which have an abelian quotient group not of order a power of 2 91−106
V.S.Matveev Pseudo-Riemannian metrics on closed surfaces whose geodesic flows admit nontrivial integrals quadratic in momenta, and proof of the projective Obata conjecture for two-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian metrics 107−152
R.Monti; D.Morbidelli Pseudohermitian invariants and classification of CR mappings in generalized ellipsoids 153−179
K.Fukui The necessary and sufficient condition for the group of leaf preserving diffeomorphisms to be simple 181−184
K.Kondo; M.Tanaka Total curvatures of model surfaces control topology of complete open manifolds with radial curvature bounded below, III 185−200
M.Nakai Surfaces carrying sufficiently many Dirichlet finite harmonic functions that are automatically bounded 201−229
S.Mukai Kummer's quartics and numerically reflective involutions of Enriques surfaces 231−246
P.Hästö; H.Lindén; A.Portilla; J.M.Rodríguez; E.Tourís Gromov hyperbolicity of Denjoy domains with hyperbolic and quasihyperbolic metrics 247−261
M.Alakhrass Extension spaces for superharmonic functions and Jensen Measures 263−272
T.Ibukiyama; T.Kuzumaki; H.Ochiai Holonomic systems of Gegenbauer type polynomials of matrix arguments related with Siegel modular forms 273−316
H.Ichimura; S.Nakajima On the 2-part of the class numbers of cyclotomic fields of prime power conductors 317−342

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