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Vol. 64, No. 4 (October, 2012)
Q.Xue; J.Yan Multilinear version of reversed Hölder inequality and its applications to multilinear Calderón-Zygmund operators 1053−1069
K.Horie; M.Horie The l-class group of the Zp-extension over the rational field 1071−1089
M.T.Barlow; A.Grigor'yan; T.Kumagai On the equivalence of parabolic Harnack inequalities and heat kernel estimates 1091−1146
T.Ito A functor-valued extension of knot quandles 1147−1168
J.Noguchi; J.Winkelmann Order of meromorphic maps and rationality of the image space 1169−1180
Z.-Q.Chen; K.Kuwae On subharmonicity for symmetric Markov processes 1181−1209
K.Chung; J.Hong; Y.-H.Kiem Compactified moduli spaces of rational curves in projective homogeneous varieties 1211−1248
X.Dai Dominated splitting of differentiable dynamics with C1-topological weak-star property 1249−1295
M.S.Tanaka; H.Tasaki The intersection of two real forms in Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type 1297−1332
K.Yamaura The classification of tilting modules over Harada algebras 1333−1352
S.Böcherer; N.Dummigan; R.Schulze-Pillot Yoshida lifts and Selmer groups 1353−1405

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