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Vol. 65, No. 2 (April, 2013)
J.Lehrbäck; H.Tuominen A note on the dimensions of Assouad and Aikawa 343−356
R.Takahashi Thick subcategories over Gorenstein local rings that are locally hypersurfaces on the punctured spectra 357−374
Y.Ikegami; H.Kato; A.Ueda Eventual colorings of homeomorphisms 375−387
P.Chen; X.T.Duong; L.Yan Lp-bounds for Stein's square functions associated to operators and applications to spectral multipliers 389−409
E.Kin; M.Takasawa Pseudo-Anosovs on closed surfaces having small entropy and the Whitehead sister link exterior 411−446
A.Olofsson; J.Wittsten Poisson integrals for standard weighted Laplacians in the unit disc 447−486
Y.Hishikawa; M.Nishio; M.Yamada Conjugate functions on spaces of parabolic Bloch type 487−520
K.Cho; J.Kamimoto; T.Nose Asymptotic analysis of oscillatory integrals via the Newton polyhedra of the phase and the amplitude 521−562
A.Galtbayar; K.Yajima Resolvent estimates in amalgam spaces and asymptotic expansions for Schrödinger equations 563−605
N.Abada; T.Z.Boulmezaoud; N.Kerdid The Stokes flow around a rotating body in the whole space 607−632
Y.Mizuta; E.Nakai; Y.Sawano; T.Shimomura Littlewood-Paley theory for variable exponent Lebesgue spaces and Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality for Riesz potentials 633−670
S.Cho; D.McCullough Iterated splitting and the classification of knot tunnels 671−686

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