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Vol. 66, No. 4 (October, 2014)
P.Laurençot; B.-V.Matioc A thin film approximation of the Muskat problem with gravity and capillary forces 1043−1071
D.Hwang; J.Keum Algebraic Montgomery-Yang problem: the log del Pezzo surface case 1073−1089
M.Asada On the ideal class groups of the maximal cyclotomic extensions of algebraic number fields 1091−1103
H.Mishou Functional distribution for a collection of Lerch zeta functions 1105−1126
T.-Y.Tam; M.C.Thompson Convergence of Aluthge iteration in semisimple Lie groups 1127−1131
M.Efendiev; A.Zhigun; T.Senba On a weak attractor of a class of PDEs with degenerate diffusion and chemotaxis 1133−1153
K.Koshino Characterizing non-separable sigma-locally compact infinite-dimensional manifolds and its applications 1155−1189
T.Hirai; A.Hora Spin representations of twisted central products of double covering finite groups and the case of permutation groups 1191−1226
T.Yagasaki Groups of uniform homeomorphisms of covering spaces 1227−1248
T.Takagi The Q-rational cuspidal group of J1(2p) 1249−1301
T.Saito Tunnel number of tangles and knots 1303−1313
J.Han; B.Wang α-modulation spaces (I) scaling, embedding and algebraic properties 1315−1373
R.Goto On the stability of locally conformal Kähler structures 1375−1401

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