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Vol. 67, No. 1 (January, 2015)
M.R.Koushesh Topological extensions with compact remainder 1−42
V.Hoskins Stratifications of parameter spaces for complexes by cohomology types 43−68
S.Honda Harmonic functions on asymptotic cones with Euclidean volume growth 69−126
A.Canton; A.Granados; A.Portilla; J.Rodriguez Quasi-isometries and isoperimetric inequalities in planar domains 127−157
B.Ammann; M.Dahl; E.Humbert Low-dimensional surgery and the Yamabe invariant 159−182
M.Geißert; P.C.Kunstmann Weak Neumann implies H for Stokes 183−193
M.Morimoto Tangential representations of one-fixed-point actions on spheres and Smith equivalence 195−205
P.Matet; T.Usuba Two-cardinal versions of weak compactness: partitions of triples 207−230
N.Levenberg; H.Yamaguchi Pseudoconvex domains in the Hopf surface 231−273
M.S.Tanaka; H.Tasaki The intersection of two real forms in Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type II 275−291
L.Barreira; C.Valls Robustness of noninvertible dichotomies 293−317
A.T.Tran On left-orderable fundamental groups and Dehn surgeries on knots 319−338
K.Taira Semilinear degenerate elliptic boundary value problems via Morse theory 339−382
K.Matsumoto; H.Tsumura Mean value theorems for double zeta-function 383−406
A.Ishii; K.Kishimoto; M.Ozawa Knotted handle decomposing spheres for handlebody-knots 407−417
N.Ogawa Linking pairing and Hopf fibrations on S3 419−432

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